IndieGoGo Campaign Fundraiser Cancelled.

The IndieGoGo Fundraiser Campaign for ImpowerYou is now closed. The writers program will not be paying writers, but people’s success stories will still be published. These blueprint stories will give us the details on we can overcome abuse, addiction, or assault, change our communities, and be politically and consciously active in a positive way.

Artists and authors will be allowed to showcase their work for free. (pass this along to all the authors and artists you know)

Resource, tools and inspiration will continue to be added each week. (share this with your family and friends today)

If you like this site, please pass it along and share our information so we can grow and add even more wonderful resources. Let’s make this world a better place by taking action, by showing compassion, and by sharing what works. We will not focus on the ills and drama of society, but instead focus on what WE as one world can do to make this a world worth living for every single beautiful soul.

Thank you.

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