Why Impower You?

Many of you have asked me “Why is empowering individuals  a dream for you?”  So here is the short answer.  (Scroll down for the really short answer)
  I was blessed to be raised in an unconventional home with a very mixed family. My mother raised us with the help of a montage of supportive and “out of the box” family and friends. She is a strong person who always moved forward and did what she thought would be the best for her and us. We moved often and lived in a lot of different communities where I saw a a variety of different ways to live and get along.  I also saw the bad side.  I was often bullied and occasionally witnessed violence up close.  It took me a while to get past that negativity. Thanks to and despite all those experiences, I have an optimistic view of the world as one diverse, but similar. We are all capable of working together despite differences and creating solutions that do not include violence, hate, or discrimination.
  ImpowerYou happened because I love to read and then share about the solutions people create and the tragedy they overcome. However I feel like those stories often do not focus enough on details of how and why they succeeded. I also don’t see much of these stories in the popular media. I do think the world needs entertainers as much as peacekeepers and activists. However I would like to see our focus shift from famous for being rich/pretty to appreciation of people who work for peace and sustainability.  So here you will find critical thinking skills, personal awareness, access to information, activism, environment and health issues, violence prevention, self defense, and overcoming abuse of all sorts.
The really short answer: I know that people are capable of creating a great world and I think it is up to people like you and me to encourage and provide an outlet for this to happen.
 Here is what you will find in this community:
  • Blueprints/Stories of everyday survivors who overcame abuse or violence, environmental or health issues and apathy in their communities. (See the Survivor/Writer program)
  • Resources and tools such as critical thinking and educational/empowerment curriculum.
  • An independent gallery of do-gooders, artists, and authors.
If you share my dream please check out my campaign to raise funds so I may pay for more great resources to be added to this site. http://www.indiegogo.com/EIE?a=383121. This campaign fundraiser will go until October 30, 2012.

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