The Road to Certification

My current educational and career aspirations are to become a certified self defense instructor. Luckily I found a program called, Just Yell Fire, that trains instructors. I am in the process of earning enough money to take the course.  One way I am accomplishing this is by selling a instructional self defense card that has the four basic moves I learned in my first self defense class. I have used these moves several times and know they work.


I am selling the cards for $5 each. That includes S&H for addresses in the USA.  I created an event on Facebook to promote my card. It is called “From Self Defense Cards to Instructor“. I invite you to join me and invite at least 3 of your own friends. You don’t have to purchase a card of be online at a specific time to join.  Just by spreading the word you can help. I know that if 500 people join this ongoing event, than it will increase the odds of selling 100 of these cards.

Do you want to buy a card for yourself or buy a few for you and the important women in your life? If so join my event on Facebook OR send me an email for payment information. Investing In Women @

Please pass this link on to Twitter, Google Plus, Digg or anywhere you are online so I can make my dreams of empowering women with life saving self defense moves come true.

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