Scared or Lazy

Which one is it?  Are you scared of challenging the status quo or does it feel like too much work to be independent?  Are you content being an unhappy mindless drone who doesn’t ask “WHY?” ????? All around me I see people who continue to live ignorant lives full of meaningless crap.  You go to work at jobs that barely pay the bills that you barely like. You recycle and throw cigarettes on the ground. You preach honesty to your kids and then watch reality TV full of drama, negativity and backstabbing 5 nights a week. Hey guess what?  That makes you a hypocrite.

You go into debt buying STUFF and think it is okay to live in a throw away society.  You complain about politics, but only vote in national elections or not all. How do you think those terrible politicians get to congress or senate in the first place? You wait for someone else to clean up your neighborhood.  Do you wonder what is wrong with the world?  It’s that YOU are lazy.

Stop believing that doing one right thing cancels out the wrong.  It does NOT!  It just gives you an excuse.  Excuses are lame.  If your life is full of excuses so you can get off easier than you are lame. Get off your ass and start making changes in YOUR life that are positive. Stop cancelling out the negative with  positive.  Use POSITIVE everyday, in every situation.   Only you can CHOOSE to be excellent.   Try it and see how many other people are out here being excellent too. Look at the people who are not complaining. Emulate them, but do it with your own style. BE EXCELLENT!

What actions will you take today towards excellence?



    1. Thanks for the adding my link! I found your blog through this post:

      I resonated fully with your words and what your blog represents. I, too, have mission to Empower Women. I am heavily involved in my community empowering women who are surviviors of Domestic Violence. I am currently part of a program at local middle schools and high schools educating teen girls in Teen Dating Violence. We are looking to revamp the educational tools we use to teach confidence in these teens, when I read about your book “I am more than just a girl” it peaked my interest. I plan on writing a blog post in support of your book and your cause. It’s amazing what your doing, I’m honored to have found your blog to communicate with a fellow woman who wants to “Be the Change” 🙂 Keep Writing, Keep Spreading the Word


      1. You’re welcome. Thanks for sharing. I used to work at a DV/SA center. I am going to look for a program like yours in San Diego. That sounds like a great activity.

        Let me know when your blog post about my book is up. I will add a permanent link to your blog on my website.


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