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Think Like An Entrepreneur

Today I want to share a great book for entrepreneurs.  It is called “Think Like An Entrepreneur: What You Need To Consider Before You Write A Business Plan” by Deborah A. Bailey.  This book contains practical advice from  seventeen successful business owners. Read this book so you “know where to start, gain control over how […]

Wise Women Celebration

One of mentors and favorite authors Jane Claypool will be at the Celebrate Wise Women Event this May in  Southern California.  If you can’t attend her lecture check out her book, “Wise Women Don’t Worry, Wise Women Don’t Sing the Blues. Read about the event here: Her book (which I read and loved) is here:

Book Review: Red Flags

The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags I LOVED reading this book. It is funny and spot on. If you are in a relationship read this NOW!   If you not in a relationship,but might want one someday read this NOW! There’s so many great flags, that I cannot remember them all.  I also […]

From Pajamas to Documentaries

Jaz Gray has been actively making  a difference in the world from a young age. She has done this wile also excelling at school, graduating from college and having 32 surgeries since she was a child.  Jaz is a survivor of AVM, Arteriovenous Malformation. This birth defect affects hundreds of thousand of people around the world. […]

Women Making Change

Originally posted on Helping Women Helps the World:
Dalia Mogahed reminds us that “30 percent of those who braved the tanks in the Arab Spring were women.”

Collaborating with Youth Mentoring

More Than Just a Girl is featured on the website Youth Mentoring Ideas, We are collaborating together and so I have featured them on my website: I want to support  young women more resources so they can be strong independent individuals AND support other businesses at the same time.  Years ago I read a […]

god and gender don’t mix

God and Gender don’t mix!  For me this is just like the saying “Drinking and Driving don’t mix! ” How can you have a peaceful equal world where only one gender is considered powerful or holy?  No wonder women have a history such low self esteem. No wonder we have to fight so hard every […]

Looking at Aging With Stars in My Eyes

I love this article about menopause in Ode magazine. It brings up a good point about how we as a society tend to look at youth as the goal and getting older as last place.  The writer shares how we have become so vain about our “packaging” and how we forget that age is a […]

Originally posted on WARRR: Women Against Restricting Reproductive Rights:
On Wednesday night, the April 11th edition of The Daily Show ran a segment all about the Oklahoma Personhood Act. Al Madrigal went to Oklahoma to sit down with Constance Johnson and a Republican supporter of the bill, Senator Ralph Shortey. The interview reveals the incredible…

Weird Fiction: Decaying Canvas

I just really enjoyed this short short story. It was quick, colorful clever and enjoyable. I smiled at the end. Weird Fiction: Decaying Canvas.