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Final Week to Give a Book

YOU can empower young women.  Why is that important? Why should you care?    Because we all deserve to know that we are capable, beautiful and accepted.  When we empower just one young women she has a ripple effect on her community. She betters her community by becoming a productive citizen and not just another […]


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Guns Suck

Yea yea yeah, there are plenty of great arguments FOR guns. People use them to protect, they can save lives, blah blah blah. If there is one thing we can learn from the untimely death of Trayvon Martin it is how much guns suck. Don’t even leave a comment telling me how you think guns […]

Do you live in Colorado? Are you planning a trip there? Do you just want to learn about new places? I have a weekly blog where I share events around Crestone, Colorado. This is a beautiful mountain town with a unique trait. It is home to many major spiritual, peace minded and conservation organizations. Thousands […]

Good Health and Empowerment Go Hand In Hand

Today we have the pleasure of a guest post by Scully at Large.  I asked him to write an update about his new life routine and how being healthy has improved his state of mind. Let’s all remember that exercise and nutrition are an important part of empowering ourselves. When we are overweight, out of […]

Random Posts to Share

Here are some posts I enjoyed the past few days. Yes We Can Do Nonviolent Protest…: Mr. Thomoas Edison Speaks: A Great Mental Freedom: The Dog Ate My Homework and other BS: For an Ageless Glow Do Yoga: Pro Choice Tshirt on Zazzle: 10 Italian Feminists You Should Know:    

Week Four Fundraiser Update

We are in week four of the fundraiser to publish I Am More Than Just a Girl.  We have raised $365 towards our goal of $1,800. Thank YOU for continuing to spread the word and donate.  Let’s see what we can do in week four. It’s almost the end of March and my time for […]

Drop In

This post is dedicated to Annabanana and all other wild, strong willed adventurers. High School drop outs have a bad reputation. It’s “oh so obvious” to society that if a person drops out of school they are a “failure”.  Pffft! You say drop out of school, I say drop in to life. Sure there are […]

Words Fall From My Eyes.

Words Fall From My Eyes has joined the 500 blograiser challenge to empower young women. This blog is introduced with one of the best intros yet.  “Writer, lover, liver, lived.” The writer hailing from Australia shares  her life both past and present with intriguing posts.  She is unafraid of honesty which is refreshing in its […]

A Book for Rescue Dogs

I love when people use their talents to give back to the world in a positive way. Martha Cheves is one of those people. As an author and animal rights activist she has created a collection of great literature and delicious recipes in her new ebook, “A Book and a Dish, Book Reviews and the […]