The Sunshine Award is Here!

Yay!  This is my third award in two weeks.  I am so honored again that people love my  blog so much.  I feel special. I feel empowered and I feel rays of sunshine. LOL!  That “rays of sunshine” bit sounds a bit corny to some people, but that is just part of who I am.

Barbarelka awarded me this. If you like amazing photography with an artistic flair, check out THIS BLOG.

So with this award, I answer ten questions and than pass this award on to ten bloggers I love. 

Favorite Color:  bluegreen

Favorite animal: Any bird

Favorite non-alcoholic drink:  fresh squeezed orange juice.

Favorite number? 27

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook,

My passion? learning

Getting or giving presents? Both are wonderful!

Favorite pattern? polka dots

Favorite day of the week? Saturday

Favorite flower? Bird of Paradise

Ten blogs I LOVE in no particular order. Please check out all or at least the one that sounds most interesting:

Jane Claypool, Wisdom notes from a new thought author & teacher.  Jane is an amazing writer who has published a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books.

Goregousocity,  Sharing gems of gorgeousness. This former beauty editor talks about natural and organic products as well as an insiders take on the beauty industry.

The Tale of My Heart,  A wonderous collection of poetry and musings.

Blanca Vergara,  Building a heart centered economy. If you are looking for a business blog that is focused on creating income from what you love and are great at instead of creating millionaires.

No This Blog is Not About You,   LMAO!  A funny blog about the internet.

Mazeing Puzzles,  Exactly what you think! It is a blog with mazes to complete.

Spellchackaholic,  Poetry with WIT. Musings from a young woman that will most likely make you laugh.

Xandre Verkes,   Photography and engineering never looked so good. Based out of South Africa, this blog is fun.

Zhulia Pearls,  The journey of a jewelry designer. Includes photos, stories and fashion news.

BCB Social Media, A informative blog for anyone interested in social media.

If you received this award from me, you can accept it by leaving a comment, sharing your favorite list, posting 10 other blogs and adding this picture to your blog.

*If you do not want to accept the award, do nothing.  Your blog is on this list because it is one of my favorites and I am happy to share you blog with others and hope it brings you more fans.

(^_^) May peace always be with you.


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