Bored Too Much?

Until college, school was boring to me. I sat in class after class, day after day.  I spent my time daydreaming and wishing I was anywhere else. I was bored and not inspired by my teachers. I do remember a few science and drama teachers throughout the years that were great, but mostly teachers seemed to want what I wanted, to be somewhere else.

It is okay to be bored. It is not okay to complain and sit on your a** and wait for luck to fill up your life! You are right to want creativity in your life. I have had the education, training, luck and karma to know that finally my place is as an artist and a writer. I could not sit through one more meeting, sell a product I didn’t love to one more customer or do work the wrong way because that’s what my boss wanted. I said NO to dead end jobs.

I encourage you to find something that inspires you that lifts your mood and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Your outlet may not be art or dance. Perhaps science, math or writing is your favorite subject. Follow up on the thing you love. Decide right now that you will not waste any more time pursuing a dream that is not yours. You may have years to go in school, but you can find some way on your time off to follow your passion. Take any chance you can. When you fail, don’t be hard on yourself. We all fail, everyday. In fact the universe oozes failure as much as success. We ebb and flow, whether we want to or not. The bottom line is to do what make you happy, because as the saying goes, “You are stuck with yourself every second of every day”.

Find an internship. Continue your education at the library. Volunteer locally. Practice what you want to learn at home or in the park. Make it happen because nobody else is going to do it for you and nobody else is going to care like you do.

Know what you want to do? Great!  Look for people in that industry and see how they got to the top. Follow in their footsteps AND create your own path.  Learn from others success and failures and be prepared to face your own.  You are bored now, but you can create a life that makes you say “Oooooooh!”




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    1. You’re welcome. There will be times when you get bored and times when your plans don’t work. But if you try something new or try again after you fail once at least you are moving forward.
      Thank you for adding a comment.


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