The 500 Blog-Raiser Challenge

Welcome to the “500 Blog-Raiser Challenge”!

Hello. I am an artist, author and human rights advocate in San Diego, CA and I need YOUR WORDS. My book, I Am More Than Just a Girl, is to encourage girls and young women to make healthy decisions that will empower them to have a life filled with confidence, the ability to defend themselves both with words and actions and a compassionate acceptance of others. This book means a lot to me and is part of a project I have been working on since my teenage years.

With your help on this blog-raiser, young girls and parents can learn about the book and read it for free online. You will not be asked to give any money to join this challenge or read the book.

We need journalists and everyday writers to blog about the book so more young women can learn about it. 500 blog posts is no easy feat. I need your help to make this happen. I am not asking for money, only a small amount of your time to write a blog post or ask a blog you like if they will support this book.

In appreciation of your support, I will give you an eBook to pass along when you refer someone who writes a blog post.

For everyone who blogs about the book they will receive an honorary blog post on this blog and a link on the More Than a Girl website.

From as early as 5 years of age, girls and young women are bombarded with a message that they are not good enough and that if they act sexy they will be loved. We teach them they have to be aggressive, but agreeable. That they can be happy if they wear makeup and the right clothes and are good. They are told not to look “slutty”, but constantly shown women wearing revealing clothing. They are told that they are beautiful and then inundated with images of surgically altered or unattainable bodies. This back and forth, yes and no culture causes low self esteem and a constant doubt about whether or not they are good enough.

Even if you are an attentive parent, you are not the only influence on your child’s life. Without information, resources and encouragement, young women only know what they are taught by the media and their peers. My book offers realistic and compassionate advice along with creative exercises to get readers interested.

Young women who are not given the right tools become depressed, do not finish school, become pregnant before they are emotionally ready to be a parent, turn to drugs and alcohol and above all else are unhappy. A community with doubting, unhappy women affects everyone.

This is not a self help book. This is a guide that can be used for a young woman’s entire life. Topics include self defense, domestic violence and bullying, sexual assault, career and education, acceptance of others, stress management, self expression and beauty and body image. Readers are encouraged to try several creative exercises such as journaling, meditation, and self expression to bring these important issues into their daily lives.

Don’t have a blog and still want to help?
Share my campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linked In, Google+ and anywhere you spend time online. Email your network and let them know what an awesome project this is and how many young women will benefit from the book.

For every single book sold, I pledge to donate $1 to an organization or school that empowers youth.

**Please make sure to link back to one of these links in your blog post:

The 500 Blog-Raiser and every post associated with it will be publicized at the following locations:!/mpwru

Read the book for free here: More Than a Girl

How to get started? Check out the book online and share your favorite part. You can also review the whole book. If you want to share negative reviews, please be sure to use positive counter views.

You can download this picture to use in your post.



  1. Hi there 🙂 I was wondering how the challenge is going. Still rolling, which is good. I’ve read some of the book. Wish I could be alone a LONG WHILE to do a few things I’ve been meaning to for ages. We have a long weekend coming up in Australia… hopefully then.

    Cheers & sincerest best of luck with this all.


    1. It is going well. I am not taking my time now and inviting blogs that have more of my target market to except the challenge. If you do get a chance to read my book I’d love to know your opinion.
      Thanks for checking in.


  2. Just giving you an update … I clicked on your book & was about to read it but had to drive out. I didn’t get the time last weekend, but am aiming to do it one night this week (read it, let it sink in) & post by the weekend. Then you can add another to your 500 challenge 🙂


  3. Wow. I think I just might do this one – read your book & review it as a post. It feels very worthwhile.

    I won’t go on about me, but after my mother’s suicide at 6, time in an orphanage, with my aunty, WHEN I LIVED WITH MY MANIC DEPRESSIVE, ALCOHOLIC FATHER FROM AGE 10 TO 17, that is when I was utterly, utterly destroyed within (with the mildest single piece of rubble remaining, to build my life from). My self esteem was shattered, utterly crushed, I had no boundaries, I was bulimic, suicidal and a ruin when I left at 17 and began working in an office. To remember the days of not eating – full days – yet working, concentrating hard. And when I did eat a lunch – I used to eat in the toilets. I USED TO EAT IN PUBLIC TOILETS, IN THE CUBICLE because I believed every man who saw me put food to my mouth would be thinking, ‘She shouldn’t eat; she’s too fat’. I truly, deeply believed that, & when finally I did begin eating in public, openly, it was really a personal breakthrough.

    When I was working at Burswood Casino, I was in the staff females sit-down area – connected to the toilets/change rooms, but a separate enclosure just near the hallway. In the hallway was a chocolate bar machine. I was sitting there, resting & waiting to go back on the floor when I heard someone buying a chocolate bar. A guy walked past – a staffer obviously because of the location – & said “You shouldn’t eat that, you’ll get fat.” I was outraged. By this age (27) I was still with body image issues, but over eating in toilet cubicles. I got up, went into the hall and said “Why did you say that?” He was totally surprised and he said “She will”. I said “No she won’t. If she ate 100 a day she might, but she won’t get fat eating that – and you’ve got no right to give her the guilts that she will.” I glared at him & he was surprised I’d “come out of nowhere”, then I went back into hiding.


    (my blog, my story from day 1 August 2011, expresses this theme in many ways in its honest telling from the moment I said I was 4 months pregnant to the male … to when my son was born & we were unsupported, & etc. I FULLY get your theme)


    1. Thank you so much for sharing. You are very brave and I am impressed. Not everyone grows up or has the wisdom to stand up for others.

      I hope you do get a chance to review my book. You are obviously smart enough to figure out that only you have the power to make change and that is something I talk about in my books


    1. I saw this too late. I like that you used my photo though. That was the day I held my first book printed. It was an amazing feeling and when I look at that book the feeling returns.

      Thanks to your prompting I have added a photo of the cover so people can use that in their post.

      Thanks for joining me!


  4. Leah as always I have the utmost admiration for your strength, your courage and your writings, in the message that you are sharing, to young women and mothers and as a mother of 2 daughters, I know from their teenage years of what your saying, hits the nail on the head, our girls sufferd from all that you have written in your book. I will do everything in my power to help you with this challenge to get the word out, to share on my blogs and get your “500 Blog-Raiser Challenge”. I have posted your blurp and invite you to visit and comment. It is posted here:
    Thank you also Leah, for mentioning Live Laugh Love To Shop, I look forward to having all bloggers links shared on our Network.


  5. Hi, Leah!
    I came across this info on Google+ and wanted to help. I have posted the blurb on my blog and all links are pointing in your direction. I believe in what you’re doing and so glad I can help! Keep up the great work, dear.

    Deb 🙂


    1. Thank you Lenworth. I am also interested in guest blogging if you come across a blog that would be a good fit for my writings on empowering young women, self defense, feminism and individual empowerment.


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