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Al Did What???

A great big THANK YOU to my business friend of many years, Al Bagocius. CHECK OUT WHAT HE DID!!!   Learn more about Al here:


Don’t be afraid to use your voice. Speak up when someone harasses you. Nobody deserves to be treated badly. If someone hurts or scares you, they are wrong and you have the right to take action. You have the right to protect yourself. Despite what you may have been taught, you can be strong and […]

Positive Thoughts Equals Strength

YOU must respect yourself because unfortunately many people will not. YOU must believe in yourself and show the world that you are more than “just a girl”, that you matter! YOU must learn. Get an education so you can educate other girls. Whatever your favorite subject is, find out more about it than you can […]

Don’t Blame Me

So you were raised and taught to treat women like crap? Too bad! Along the way you picked up this habit of harassing women and expecting them to submit to your whims, wishes and will. HA! What a shame! How pathetic that you choose to act so rude, to follow a path of anger and […]

why not?

LIFE CAN BE WAY TOO SERIOUS! Sometimes I just need to be free and stretch my legs. Why not walk down the street and let your imagination run free. Up doorsteps, fire escapes, trees and walls. My imagination knows how to bring a bright goofy smile to my face as I walk down the street. […]

Don’t Rape Me

I am in love with the message on this shirt. It says “DON’T TELL ME WHAT NOT TO WEAR. TELL PEOPLE NOT TO RAPE” It’s direct, and to the point. I like a message that is very clear. Funny puns are great, but straight up telling people clearly what you want works even better! […]

Sexually Molested? Who cares?

According to the San Francisco Gate, this is exactly the attitude of Sheriff Arapaio and the police force of Arizona. This is despicable and horrifying. After volunteering in the Foster Care system I know how often children are sexually assaulted. I have reviewed hundreds of case files that made me cry, sickened me and […]

Fly, Soar, Reach.

This is a graet affirmation for days when you are tired of working hard, but are not ready to give up just yet. I usually do a lot of color, but sometimes I feel just black and white make the prefect contrast for a particular design. This one for me really pops out at the […]

I Define Beautiful

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