Altruistic Anniversary

I found Cecily’s Closet on Facebook and was immediately hooked. They are a small, but loving volunteer corporation that lends a hand to families of special need children. It was started by a mother who was so thankful for all the help she received with her own daughter that she wanted to give back to others in the same situation.  I love being able to share their altruism and inspire you to put more good into our beautiful world.

In the past two years they have accomplished quite a lot:

– 22 room makeovers with 2 more currently in progress
– Provided just shy of a hundred belly bands to children with feeding tubes
– Recycled durable medical equipment to children in need of resources to help them achieve their goals
– Provided Christmas baskets to 80+ children with special needs and their families
– And shared various donations with families in need – toys, books, and lots and lots of love and encouragement!

Follow the Cecily Closet Blog   or their Facebook Page.

 Remember only you can make today great.

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