Are you afraid? Its time to get ready, set, and  go past that fear to happiness, success, and peace.  Once upon a time I was a timid, girl with hopeless days and empty dreams. I was afraid of failure and rejection,  My choices were designed to look like I tried, but in reality I put […]


There’s not enough time to post all the important and interesting news I want to share on this blog so here is a round-up of some great stuff. Leave a comment and link of a great blog or news article that you enjoy.  Ha! Growing up with a unique family across several different states, I’ve […]


My amazing niece works for an organization supporting and saving women who are victims of domestic violence. Right now is North Texas Giving Day and I knew that I could afford donating $10 so I did. This is much better than splurging on a new shirt or hair gel. Brighter Tomorrows, Inc.Thank you!Thank you for […]

Strength Balloons

Loretta Claiborne could have spent her life institutionalized because of her intellectual disability. Instead her mother fearlessly worked to give Loretta a life similar to that of her siblings. Despite the sad and long-standing cultural idea that different abilities decides our worthiness, she became a celebrated athlete, a speaker, and fearless fighter for equal rights. […]

word art book, affirmations book

Our thoughts become our words which in turn become our actions. Think about how you feel when you hear positive praise compared to negativity. It feels good and we are prone to internalize what we hear and think. If we think and feel that we are fat or skinny, ugly or pretty, smart or stupid, […]


The other day I read a very useful post about the Saboteur Archetype from Candess Campbell. She talks about the ways we unconsciously sabotage our lives with little decisions, through ignoring our intuition, and most popularly with fear. I’m learning (and practicing) to stop my inner saboteur with my intuition and courage. There’s no way […]


I’ve already committed to traveling around the country for at least 3 months to improve my writing skills by exploring, learning and meeting new people. You can read all that in my first post about My Epic Journey! Now I have to figure out how to earn and save enough to connect with my planned destinations […]


Yesterday was the 94th anniversary of the 19th ammendment, granting women the right to vote. August 26th is officially known as Women’s Equality Day though I don’t remember hearing about it in school or very often as an adult. To celebrate, my brother and I attended a celebration of Women Suffragists at the Kate Sessions […]


There isn’t much I can say about Ferguson, MO and the killing of Mike Brown that hasn’t already been said. I will say that it sickens and disturbs me when someone is killed amidst violence. It’s important to speak up, sign petitions, have peaceful protests, and write about what happened to a young man and a […]


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard the term food desert, an area with inadequate access to fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy foods, causing ill-health and food insecurity. Thanks to an innovative idea in New York, vendors are selling fresh fruits and veggies on city streets. While most of us equate food vendors […]


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