“Sometimes there are no actions to take and all you can do is be in the present. Life is difficult, messy and full of surprises….Just breathe.” ***  Want ideas for a healthy lifestyle free of depression? Read my other D.I.Y. Therapy posts. Find inspiring books I wrote on Amazon.com and Bookemon.com. Looking for books that support your personal development? […]


“The Self Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works” is not a book about losing physical weight or how to diet better. It is an opportunity to lose the mental weight of our issues that chain us to eating disorders. Author Michelle Minero, a licensed therapist, shares invaluable lessons and therapies that any of us […]


I totally have felt this way for the last year…. I vaguely remember a time when I felt particularly strong and happy and that was very long ago as a child. Throw in a few traumas and tragedies, too many years of being bullied along with a genetic link to depression and that time has become […]


I was lucky to have studied ballet and dance in my youth. Even though life took me down a different path I still love dance and everything about it.  Whenever I come across an interesting dancer I get excited. Have you ever heard of Angela Bowen? I only recently learned about her. She is a […]


 I spent a lifetime gaining stuff , not nice expensive brand name stuff, just stuff, and a lot of it was low quality. It cluttered up my life along with millions of thoughts that I was never good enough until I had everything. Does this sound familiar?  Below are my most common thoughts that have […]


I used to enjoy picking up litter because I was doing something so great for our environment; picking up trash so it could go in its place. Then I learned that the litter is the result of a deeper problem. The real problem is how we produce stuff and our addiction to having things. Our […]


I want everything in life! I want to experience it all, be a part of everything, learn everything. So I spent most of my life doing what I could to get it all. After stressing out about not having everything I finally realized it’s because I can’t.  I don’t have time to do it all […]


Do you ever feel paralyzed with indecision or fear? I certainly do! That’s why I like this method of getting clarity by removing what you don’t want from the situation presented by Blanca Vergara in the video below. I can easily get paralyzed in overwhelming situations or when I’m feeling stressed out. Removing stuff from […]


 I met Deborah Bailey online years ago and was impressed with her sci-fi short story collection, “Electric Dreams: Seven Futuristic Tales”. Deborah has since published the fantasty/scifi “Hathor Legacy” series and her most recent book “Family Pride: Love and Challenges”.  I asked her to write about her inspiration for this book and she graciously agreed. […]


Break the silence… teach girls domestic violence awareness. Find an informative and empowering book for your daughter at Amazon.com “More Than Just a Girl” empowers tweens with information about self-defense, sexual assault and domestic violence in a fun activity and resource book. “Fierce” is perfect for girls in High School ready to learn about why […]


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