Ever since I was young adults have been complaining about paying taxes. Luckily at a young age I understood how important it is to have a tax system to pay for schools, roads, parks, social security, emergency aid, and other resources that we use daily and that improve our lives. It took longer to realize […]


When parents defend their spanking with the statement, “I was spanked and turned out fine.” You can reply with, “No, you grew up thinking it’s okay to hit a child.” Ini the USA it’s illegal to hit a spouse or other adult, but children can be hit by their guardians and in some states by […]


We shouldn’t have to think or worry so much about something so basic and necessary as food. “The Pizza Trap” by Gabrielle H. Welch with Dr. Devinder Bhatia is a must read for everyone, but especially parents who are concerned with their children’s health and tired of fights over what their children will and won’t […]

 I walk and ride my bike around town since I don’t own a car and danger is everywhere. Just this morning, me and a family with young children were crossing the street(at the cross walk with the greenlight and walk signal) when this distracted driver slammed on her brakes and stopped in the middle of the […]


On the playground I learned to win an argument by saying “I’m right, you’re wrong. Nanananana! or “Because I said so/want to.”” Since I stopped taking advice from other 7 year olds my education on problem solving has really matured.  A recent study shows that if we want to prove we are right about a […]

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Toni Martin, Volunteer Coordinator at Big Brothers Big Sisters in Chatham-Kent Connecting with a mentor is an important part of succeeding in life. While many of us are blessed with parents or guardians that have the time and skills to guide us towards our greater selves, not every…


I recall going to a Pow Wow or two with my family when I was younger. Part of our family is Cherokee so Native American culture has always held an importance in my life. While my own family is mixed up with different colors our culture is a mashup that closely resembles many modern families. […]


While volunteering at a local school garden this week I was talking about sports to one of the teachers. She mentioned that when she was in school Title IX had not passed and there were no girls sports teams. She shared her experience on trying out for the swim team. Despite being a certified life […]


Last Saturday I strolled through the farmers market in Little Italy, San Diego. I was heartened to see so many signs for organic and pesticide free foods. I enjoyed a delicious veggie samosa covered in a rich and slightly spicy sauce. There was so much to look at, art, trinkets, crafts, food, plants, and various […]


Equality starts with acceptance. I grew up after the civil rights movement in a family of multiple racial identities. So I know that our differences don’t need to segregate us.  MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech may not have included little trans boys and little queer girls holding hands with children of different colors and […]


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