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By Leigh Cuen | Vocativ, Posted 04/07/15 Since January, over 70 Navajo people have joined a prayer walk across the American Southwest protesting a fracking oil pipeline in New Mexico. The walk aims to galvanize Native American communities to demand more from oil companies that profit from the reservations’ natural resources. The participants started with a crowdfunding campaign…


As someone searching for a sustainable lifestyle I’m thrilled to find this fascinating blog about sustainable living and creating cities of the future that are part of the eco-system. The blogger, Victor is currently working on a “green city” in India and envisions a “a Green World in which the human ecosystem is intimately integrated into the […]


There’s a big push for moms and dads to be perfect parents along with having successful high income careers, but is that actually attainable? Shonda Rhine’s honestly answers how she is both a successful mother and TV producer and how often she actually fails. Check it out: What do you think?   *If you like […]


An important part of individual empowerment is communication. I recently read a blog post about communication and the importance of understanding others words. Check it out at: Christinageorgedotme.wordpress.com/2015/03/23/dont-misunderstand-me-and-for-sure-dont-choose-to-misunderstand-me I believe that most of us are simply expecting certain words and phrases to be offensive or “wrong” and therefore we misunderstand. “Perhaps an individual’s history moves him/her […]


Individual empowerment can only be reached if your foundation is built with self-love. How do you expect to succeed, to feel balanced and be healthy if you don’t feel worthy of love? I recently read a quote by Cheryl Strayed that is so powerful I have to share. “I can’t say when you’ll get love […]


Individual empowerment is about moving past stereotypes both the pretty and the ugly. Equality is not a black and white issue it’s a glittery rainbow that is vital to everyone. “In Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay bears her feminism and tells readers that the concept is not black and white—there are various shades of gray within feminism that […]

The April Readathon has begun! It’s a new month and this year, April is bringing showers of literacy. This month features 5 authors in different genres including Fiction, Sci-Fi, Young Adult and Science. Here are this months books in no particular order. *1*: “Electric Dreams: Seven Futuristic Tales” by Deborah A. BaileySeven short stories of […]


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Impower You:“You have a purpose, you are important, you always will be.” As someone who dealt with depression for almost 17 years I know how easily thoughts of suicide crawl into the mind and grow big fat ugly roots. As someone who has lost great friends to suicide I want to remind you that suicide […]


Individual empowerment requires taking action to make the world a healthier place for others, not just ourselves! Fashion bloggers in the Netherlands were given the chance to see where their clothing originates by working in sweatshops. Check it out:  Examiner.com/article/reality-tv-show-sends-fashion-bloggers-to-work-sweatshop Do you LOVE fashion, but dislike the unsustainable fashion industry? I do. Expressing ourselves with […]


Individual empowerment is rooted in failure, or to be more specific to turn failure into lessons. How can you really know what you’re capable of if you don’t have to struggle and look within to find your truest strengths? Parents and guardians who don’t allow their offspring to take chances or be independent create adults […]


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