Yesterday was the 94th anniversary of the 19th ammendment, granting women the right to vote. August 26th is officially known as Women’s Equality Day though I don’t remember hearing about it in school or very often as an adult. To celebrate, my brother and I attended a celebration of Women Suffragists at the Kate Sessions […]


There isn’t much I can say about Ferguson, MO and the killing of Mike Brown that hasn’t already been said. I will say that it sickens and disturbs me when someone is killed amidst violence. It’s important to speak up, sign petitions, have peaceful protests, and write about what happened to a young man and a […]


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard the term food desert, an area with inadequate access to fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy foods, causing ill-health and food insecurity. Thanks to an innovative idea in New York, vendors are selling fresh fruits and veggies on city streets. While most of us equate food vendors […]


Last Sunday I attended a free viewing of the food documentary “Forks Over Knives“, at the Leichtag Foundation, a local center in Encinitas, CA. After the movie we separated into smaller groups and it was both enjoyable and interesting listening to everybody’s take on the information presented in the movie. The movie is about a […]


The United States has been offering educational aid for college students since 1965 when the Higher Education Act(HEA) was signed into law. In just about every career having a degree increases your financial and advancement options. It’s also really fun to study a subject that you are passionate about. Education is not just about financial […]


In 1919 Luisa Capetillo, a labor and human rights activist wore pants in public and was thus sent to jail for her crime. In 1969 Charlotte Thompson Reid was the first woman to wear pants in the U.S. congress. When Title IX passed in 1972 it was no longer required for girls to wear dresses […]


I’ve been pondering  a question lately. “Am I willing to take risks, follow my desires and continue exploring lifes abundant possibilities OR should I stay on this path followed by many before me and be comfortably bored?” Since taking control of my life by putting an end to my depression I’ve taken risks and challenged […]


We all have bad moments, days, weeks, months and maybe even years where there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There are and will be times when life seems overwhelmingly cruel and unfair. The thing is our universe is not set up to be fair and humans are not always kind. Life […]


From food bank and pre- to post-natal program to all encompassing community advocacy and food center, this tells the amazing story of how people wanted a hand up, not a hand out and the steps they took to create a sustainable community in the midst of poverty. “The Stop; How the Fight for Good Food […]


Ever since I was young adults have been complaining about paying taxes. Luckily at a young age I understood how important it is to have a tax system to pay for schools, roads, parks, social security, emergency aid, and other resources that we use daily and that improve our lives. It took longer to realize […]


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