Individual empowerment requires taking action to make the world a healthier place for others, not just ourselves! Fashion bloggers in the Netherlands were given the chance to see where their clothing originates by working in sweatshops. Check it out: Do you LOVE fashion, but dislike the unsustainable fashion industry? I do. Expressing ourselves with […]


Individual empowerment is rooted in failure, or to be more specific to turn failure into lessons. How can you really know what you’re capable of if you don’t have to struggle and look within to find your truest strengths? Parents and guardians who don’t allow their offspring to take chances or be independent create adults […]


Individual empowerment involves taking time to listen to others and realize that yes racism still exists. Prejudice, hate and stereotypes are all still experienced by a large percentage of the population. One major way we can end these rootless fears is forcing others to see that it is wrong and hear so from a diverse […]


Peace won’t just happen, we have to commit to change and diligently work for it. “On May 24, 2015, 30 international women peacemakers from around the world will walk with Korean women, North and South, to call for an end to the Korean War and for a new beginning for a reunified Korea. Along with […]

In the realm of individual empowerment, cultivating happiness from inside ourselves is very important. We can buy things that make life easier and fun or change our appearance to stroke our ego, but those aren’t sustainable sources as we will always need to buy more when that happiness fades. However if we look within to […]


“Once again I find mysef up against a giant, but not alone, never alone.” I was raised with an idea of community and small business. I haven’t always lived in places where either of those ideas thrived , but I now fully embrace and understand those are a vital part of creating a sustainable world. […]


Sometimes you have to stop and rest! Like most weekends this past one was packed with activities. There were 2 vigils for those killed by violence and racial profiling, a march for sustainable environmental policies, work to finish and the usual weekend chores.  I was running on empty with a painful respiratory issue from a […]


It was almost 6 months ago that 43 young students went “missing” in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico. Believed to be handed over to the cartels by the police, these students have never been reunited with their families and never been found. Government officials in Mexico say it was a “case of mistaken identity” carried out by […]


I LOVE THIS VIDEO!  (except for her language) This woman is a hero for saying something and recording what the police do everyday, hassling people who have nothing. Homeless? Mentally ill? How about human beings like you and me that just had shitty lives and got screwed over once too often! This is your tax […]


I was recently asked to teach a self-defense class for women with disabilities. This was a new opportunity for me and I didn’t know what to expect, but I was told mostly I would be talking about awareness and we wouldn’t do as many moves. In the weeks leading up to my class I found quite […]


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