Alicia Garza is an engaging speaker with a sense of humor and intelligence that draws listeners to her. She is best known as a co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) along with Opal Tometi and Patrice Cullors. I recently had the honor to attend her speech about social activism and a renewed civil rights movement. I was […]


It’s time for the 2015 Hollaback REVolution! I support this organization because ever since I was a young girl, walking down the street was a source of fear and uncertainty for me. I was harassed by old men, young men and boys because they felt a right to call me names and suggest inappropriate sexual […]


So you think as an individual you can’t create lasting changes? Then it’s time to join a cause and get involved. Recently the mega consumer chain Wal-Mart announced they would be raising wages(slightly) for their workers along with giving more hours and training programs. This comes after years of workers banding together and saying enough […]


I admit that Kale isn’t my favorite vegetable. I love the nutrients, but it’s a little bitter. So for me it needs to be mixed in with salads, steamed with garlic and olive oil or baked in vegan lasagna. Luckily the Kale Festival at the San Diego Peace Garden offers much more than just kale. […]


I’m a person of action and love to read books that offer solutions to problems while gaining more knowledge on social issues. I enjoy sharing resources on this blog that allow you to become empowered and be the change you want to see. One sustainable way to create long-lasting change is through political action. It’s […]

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… Alternate Title:  The Power of Cupcakes! …  Last year was full of so much grief I couldn’t focus on much else. I eventually felt like I would completely break if I didn’t take some time away and travel. So I left paradise to spend time with family and friends and reconnect. It was very […]


I’m pleased to share this guest article from Shel Horowitz, a business owner who knows the value of creating a better world for all. After the article you should watch his inspiring TED Talk on how smart businesses can create a healthier world. Easy Money-Saving Green Tips for Business By Shel Horowitz Environmental measures can […]


The United States “Justice” system still doesn’t understand domestic violence and why victims become too afraid for their lives to leave. In the case of Tondalo Hall, she is being punished in prison for 30 years for the crime of not protecting her children AND suffering abuse at the hands of her violent partner Robert […]

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We don’t learn limiting beliefs until we’re older. Why else would we bother learning to walk or memorizing a whole language? If you’ve ever had a stroke or tried to learn a new language you get this! Why do we not follow through on our greatest ambitions? Because we can.  It’s easy to keep yourself […]


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What is holding you back? If there is one, or many thing(s) that you have always wanted to do, what would it be? Why haven’t you done it? Is fear getting in the way? Fear can stop us from flying in an airplane, giving up junk food or from…


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