Need a little inspiration? Are you searching for answers? Turn on your inner guidance system. Embrace your true self to learn about who YOU are and what you need. While other people can be wonderful guides, only we truly know what’s best for ourselves. Inside you will find inspiration and answers to difficult questions. Psychologists […]


I was still unexpectedly awake when October 15th turned into the 16th and continued to stay awake until 3am. That’s what happens when you hang out with friends in a band, but I forgot this fact since I haven’t done that in so many years. The next evening I was still recuperating, but it was […]

Pumkinville at Myriad Botanical Gardens

Ever since childhood Halloween has been my favorite holiday.  With the costumes, the thrill of being scared without any real danger, and delicious treats it has always appealed to me. I love the pumpkins for carving and eating. I can easily get lost in the magic of goofy Halloween movies. As a kid who dreamed […]


My emotions used to rule my world and send me on rollercoaster rides of manic highs and depressing lows. With a few years of diligent work on my personal thoughts and actions, I’ve been able to balance my emotions so that my ride is now steady with only a dip of sadness now and then. […]


Have you ever been so close to a hot air balloon that you could feel the heat of the flame? I was able to be that close last weekend at the 2014 Albuquerque International Balloon Festival. This eight day event included hundreds of hot air balloons, a music festival, an art and craft fair, and […]

epic journey, adventure across the country

It’s really happening! I’ve started on my adventure to explore new places across the country. After deciding to do this back in August the wait has felt like a child waiting for Santa Claus. Yesterday I started my epic journey by driving from Encinitas, California to Albuquerque, New Mexico. The drive was beautiful and lasted […]

Climate.March.2014 024

Sunday September 21st brought the People’s Climate March to San Diego, California. The march is about demanding “an economy that works for the people and the planet; a world safe from the ravages of climate change; a world with good jobs, clean air and water, and healthy communities.” Marches were held around the world with hundreds […]

epic journey, adventure across the country

It seems like this adventure has taken so long to start and now my departure date is in just seven days. My epic journey begins on October 1st. I’m excited, ready, and a teeny bit nervous at the unknown. Part of that nervousness may be from fracturing a toe on my left foot last weekend. […]

beach, trees, lush beaches

This photo below is my yoga spot. How lucky that for some time this spot has been on the beach though once I start traveling this will change. Maybe I will practice yoga at a park or in a bedroom. All I need is a place somewhat calm with space to move.  Getting up out […]


Are you afraid? Its time to get ready, set, and  go past that fear to happiness, success, and peace.  Once upon a time I was a timid, girl with hopeless days and empty dreams. I was afraid of failure and rejection,  My choices were designed to look like I tried, but in reality I put […]


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