If I put on high heels I’d definitely run into things like doorways and low hanging fans. Yikes!  I’m six feet tall so high heels are not an important part of my life, but I know many women who swear by the heel. The reasons range from wanting to be taller and feeling fierce to […]


by Leah Oviedo. After escaping violence at home, women and girls in refugee camps face many dangers such as violence, hunger, displacement and looting. On top of this when they venture far away in search of firewood or water, they also risk rape, assault, abduction, beating and death. Firewood is the main reason for these […]

Dating violence poster

You may have heard of Emma Sulkowicz who has been carrying her dorm mattress everywhere she goes to protest Columbia University’s decision to allow her rapist to continue attending Columbia. While there are always critics and haters who convince themselves she is only doing this for attention, many more support her decision. On October 29th […]


Newsflash: A major obstacle to feeling good is eating bad food. Does your morning begin with carbs and sugar, such as coffee and donuts or sugary smoothies and bagels? Is your afternoon snack a chocolate bar and energy drink? Are you eating fresh vegetables and fruit even once a day when you should have a […]


I love photographing abandoned and antique homes, colorful alleyways, vines overtaking buildings, and wide open spaces. If you like the photos you can order some of these as greeting cards on my shop. If you like this blog check out my books and art at If you need content marketing, editing services, or a […]

“The Altered I: Memoir of Holocaust Survivor Joseph Kempler” as told by April Voytko Kempler is  a story of perseverance, and human strength. Read this book and be inspired by an enduring spirit that found freedom so many never reached. Joseph Kempler was just a boy when the German Nazi’s invaded Poland and stole his […]

harvest music festival

Music festivals don’t usually interest me unless a band I adore is playing or it means spending time with loved ones. Luckily, both reasons spurred me to attend the Harvest Music Festival at Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, Arkansas.  A lot of music venues are too crowded or too stimulating for my tastes, but Mulberry Mountain […]


Need a little inspiration? Are you searching for answers? Turn on your inner guidance system. Embrace your true self to learn about who YOU are and what you need. While other people can be wonderful guides, only we truly know what’s best for ourselves. Inside you will find inspiration and answers to difficult questions. Psychologists […]


I was still unexpectedly awake when October 15th turned into the 16th and continued to stay awake until 3am. That’s what happens when you hang out with friends in a band, but I forgot this fact since I haven’t done that in so many years. The next evening I was still recuperating, but it was […]

Pumkinville at Myriad Botanical Gardens

Ever since childhood Halloween has been my favorite holiday.  With the costumes, the thrill of being scared without any real danger, and delicious treats it has always appealed to me. I love the pumpkins for carving and eating. I can easily get lost in the magic of goofy Halloween movies. As a kid who dreamed […]


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