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Originally posted on Up To You Project:
CVolunteering in our communities gives us a purpose and it gives hope to others. That’s what the Up To You project is all about, inspiring hope. In that spirit we ask you to share your story with the world here on our site. How have you volunteered in…

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Originally posted on Up To You Project:
Nobody likes walking down the street and being harassed. Unfortunately it has become a cultural norm for men to harass women on the street with catcalls, vulgar language, and sexualization. Last week however people around the world took to the streets to protest this new normal with International…

Pass this link on to empower young women: http://morethanagirl.webs.com

I love the recent pushback against marketing princess and sweetness to little girls. I often wonder if I would have been a happier teen had there been more feminism in my childhood toys and interests. I  had a feminist mom, trailed after my older brother and sister playing outside, rode a bike, built with Legos, […]

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As women we must constantly fight for our health rights, among all our other rights. The state of Alabama is one of those terrible states that apparently dislikes women to have power over their health. Here are a few articles from the National Partnership for Women and Families. I recommend subscribing to their updates so […]

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Have you heard of the Up To You project? It’s my side gig for social action! UTY includes interviews with people who are creating positive and sustainable change in their communities, around the world. Here is a sneak peek….. The Monetary Value of a Tree I love trees. Even as an adult I enjoy climbing trees, […]

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I wrote “Fierce” as a guide for my younger self to learn dissent and critical thinking about social issues.  I haven’t figured out how to time travel and give the book to myself so now it’s for any young woman or older girl who is ready for a jump-start in feminism and egalitarianism. Of course […]


Hypocrisy Lobby is at it again. The art supply company, Hobby Lobby, who wants to take away employees rights of using their personal health insurance to buy birth control is, surprise, surprise, a greedy hypocritical bunch. They make money for their retirement plans by investing in the stock of companies that manufacture abortion inducing drugs. […]


I’m always so happy to share the success of a fellow blogger and even more so today since this particular writer, Aaron Fram, is a childhood friend! His blog The Screen Life  revolves around film, TV, and internet and it has been acquired by the Huffington Post; that megasized internet newspaper created by Arianna Huffington. What […]


Aside from being overly white, mass media is predictable and boring. I’m supporting indie media that knows most everyone, especiallly us gringos who grew up in multi racial families, don’t want to see the same vanilla look and plot line in every show and movie.  I can look back and almost every movie I’ve loved […]

The United States of Corporations

I just watched a video about how pathetic marketing has become.  Now do you see why I am bored with mass media? It’s predictable, bland, obnoxious, but most of all, it’s FAKE.  I yearn for more in my entertainment so I consumed less for a while. I’d like to say I ended my consumption,  but […]


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