“The Center of Me: The Journey to Finding Your Inner Coach” by Laura L. Barry is a worthwhile guide to becoming your own personal cheerleader in life. She encourages readers to be grateful and “celebrate” what we’ve learned instead of beating ourselves(something I used to do to myself with all my time and energy). “We […]


Book reviews offer two perks, free promotion for your great work and feedback on literature that might need some CPR. Finding the right reviewer online is akin to searching through a Where’s Waldo book! As both an author and book reviewer I’ve spent a lot of time searching for appropriate book reviewers and found very few. […]


I’m so EXCITED that the crowdfunding campaign I’m working on has passed the $1,000 mark. This may not seem like much but this is a BIG DEAL to me for two reasons. First of all the campaign is for The Grassroots Oasis, a new event space for progressive grassroots organizing, local music and art in […]


Over the past 2 months I’ve been working on a crowdfunding campaign and LOVING the challenge. With my experience fundraising and marketing I’m able to use so much of what I know while also learning so much more. Fundraising is an art that requires much patience, research and planning. So I was excited to hear […]

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By Leigh Cuen | Vocativ, Posted 04/07/15 Since January, over 70 Navajo people have joined a prayer walk across the American Southwest protesting a fracking oil pipeline in New Mexico. The walk aims to galvanize Native American communities to demand more from oil companies that profit from the reservations’ natural resources. The participants started with a crowdfunding campaign that…


As someone searching for a sustainable lifestyle I’m thrilled to find this fascinating blog about sustainable living and creating cities of the future that are part of the eco-system. The blogger, Victor is currently working on a “green city” in India and envisions a “a Green World in which the human ecosystem is intimately integrated into the […]


There’s a big push for moms and dads to be perfect parents along with having successful high income careers, but is that actually attainable? Shonda Rhine’s honestly answers how she is both a successful mother and TV producer and how often she actually fails. Check it out: What do you think?   *If you like […]


An important part of individual empowerment is communication. I recently read a blog post about communication and the importance of understanding others words. Check it out at: I believe that most of us are simply expecting certain words and phrases to be offensive or “wrong” and therefore we misunderstand. “Perhaps an individual’s history moves him/her […]


Individual empowerment can only be reached if your foundation is built with self-love. How do you expect to succeed, to feel balanced and be healthy if you don’t feel worthy of love? I recently read a quote by Cheryl Strayed that is so powerful I have to share. “I can’t say when you’ll get love […]


Individual empowerment is about moving past stereotypes both the pretty and the ugly. Equality is not a black and white issue it’s a glittery rainbow that is vital to everyone. “In Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay bears her feminism and tells readers that the concept is not black and white—there are various shades of gray within feminism that […]


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