Self-love is important because deep inside YOU truly know what is best for you, how you need to feel good, what you need and why you deserve to be the best person you can be. Life is challenging and along the way others will be wonderful guides for you you, but why rely solely on […]


I remember many instances on the street and bus when some man wouldn’t leave me alone. It ranged from hollering at me or telling me to smile, continuing to talk to me after I tried to read a book or put on my headphones, sitting too close to me or “accidentally” bumping into or touching […]


As a writer and educated woman I know the power of literacy. I can’t even imagine navigating this world without the ability to read and write. So I’m sharing this campaign with you and asking you to share it as well. If you can donate $5 or $500 please do so, but if you’re strapped […]

Pass this link on to empower young women: http://morethanagirl.webs.com

More Than Just a Girl started as a way for me to encourage girls to become strong and independent so they would not become victims of domestic and dating violence as well as  a resource on sexual assault and self-defense. It turned into a fun interactive book for tweens and a second longer book for […]


There’s a lot of advice for women on how to defend themselves against an assault. The advice ranges from smart to ridiculous and if you haven’t been trained in self-defense you may be confused about what actually works. I recommend this article “9 Myths About Self-Defense” by Women’s Health Magazine. As a self-defense instructor I agree […]

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Allowing food companies to pretend like GMO is natural will undermine our basic human right to eating whole healthy food. Let’s tell Monsanto and Rep. Mike Pompeo(Repub. – KS) that we won’t stand for this underhanded and sneaky move. TAKE ACTION: Tell Your Representative: Don’t Support Big Food’s Bill to Kill GMO Labeling Laws Petition […]

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Our bodies have the ability to heal. It’s a wonderful part of our evolution and Dr. Lissa Rankin wants you to know this. She knows that as a doctor her role is to HELP you heal, not heal you herself.  After years of research she has found that so-called “incurable” diseases have actually been cured […]


Rape culture is real and ongoing. It injures and sometimes kills women and girls, but it also affects men and boys. We are living in a society that tells half the population their manhood relies on being sexually aggressive while telling the other half to sit back and take abuse. This doesn’t create healthy relationships […]


I’m so happy that people around the country are out in masses protesting in the names of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, but where are the protests for Corey Kanosh and Marissa Alexander. Corey was shot and killed by police for a crime he didn’t commit. Corey was suspected of stealing a car and the […]


The answer of course is yes. As long as the media continues to assault us with unhealthy images of “ideal” beauty standards we need to talk about it. As more advertisements, celebrity photos and selfies become digitally altered and women continue to be used as props in demeaning advertisements it is important we keep this […]


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