The power of our thoughts is undenible. Whether a daily struggle with depression or a once in a life time competition, our thoughts can be the tipping point to win or lose. I’ve found that repeating positive affirmations throughout each day helps with both healing from painful moments and focused on work. I highly recommend using […]


If you’re serious about being happy than you must commit to change. You can’t just win the lottery or wait for a hero to save you. Depression comes from inside of us and we are the only ones that can truly heal ourselves. I just read an article “Ten Simple Things That Will Make You […]

Self love diet by Michelle Minero

The Self-Love Diet(SLD) is about accepting all of yourself as one whole imperfectly perfect person. I joined the January 31 Day Self-Love Challenge to reinforce what I already know, that I love and want only the best for myself. In order to do that I must choose to be conscious of my thoughts and actions. […]


“Quanology is about nature – our nature and our relationship to the nature that created us.” This week I read an advance copy of an upcoming book “Quanology” by John Khoury. It offers an easy to understand way of explaining the scientific side of humanity and sociology from an evolutionary viewpoint. He mixes science with […]


I didn’t want to stop reading this book. It has a great empowering message that fits in with this blogs theme of individual empowerment. One telling trait of a great book is reaching the last page and craving more, which is what happened at the end of The Big Wide Calm. This alluring story is […]


If there’s one thing I want women to take away after they participate in one of my self-defense classes it’s how they deserve to be safe and therefore shouldn’t hesitate to fight back. Society may still teach and expect us to be “nice like sugar and spice” but that hasn’t helped so far. It is […]


“Songs for 5 Year Olds” by Adora Levin and Hanan Levin, is so much fun. You’ll be holding your sides and laughing as you and your child sing together. It’s full of clever and humorous songs that children will love too sing along with, if they can stop laughing long enough. Parents will enjoy how […]


The Conversation began as series of lucid dreams I had while on the island of Itaca.  They quickly became so much more.  They welcomed me to a level of awareness and consciousness that was meant to be shared. I completed this book several years after my experience while recovering from my eighth brain surgery; a […]

encouraging positive bod image

I hope as a reader of this blog you don’t tire of the Self-Love message that I constantly post. For some people it can be a little too much, I used to cringe at ideas like this myself so I understand. If it wasn’t so necessary and  important in this glossy world obsessed with outward […]


You Can Live Healthier by Adopting Whole-Person Approach to Your Diet.  The book starts out with an empowering message about nutrition based on a whole-person lifestyle. This isn’t just about what we physically consume, but how all parts of life connect to create or wreck our natural balance. Emotional health needs to be part of […]


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