I used to enjoy picking up litter because I was doing something so great for our environment; picking up trash so it could go in its place. Then I learned that the litter is the result of a deeper problem. The real problem is how we produce stuff and our addiction to having things. Our […]


I want everything in life! I want to experience it all, be a part of everything, learn everything. So I spent most of my life doing what I could to get it all. After stressing out about not having everything I finally realized it’s because I can’t.  I don’t have time to do it all […]


Do you ever feel paralyzed with indecision or fear? I certainly do! That’s why I like this method of getting clarity by removing what you don’t want from the situation presented by Blanca Vergara in the video below. I can easily get paralyzed in overwhelming situations or when I’m feeling stressed out. Removing stuff from […]


 I met Deborah Bailey online years ago and was impressed with her sci-fi short story collection, “Electric Dreams: Seven Futuristic Tales”. Deborah has since published the fantasty/scifi “Hathor Legacy” series and her most recent book “Family Pride: Love and Challenges”.  I asked her to write about her inspiration for this book and she graciously agreed. […]


Break the silence… teach girls domestic violence awareness. Find an informative and empowering book for your daughter at Amazon.com “More Than Just a Girl” empowers tweens with information about self-defense, sexual assault and domestic violence in a fun activity and resource book. “Fierce” is perfect for girls in High School ready to learn about why […]


It’s been a frustrating few months for me. I returned from my travels with renewed hope and jumped into life; making new friends, finding I have a love and natural inclination for activism and living in a very different part of San Diego county.  Then as usual with life, a downpour of small and medium-sized […]


“The Center of Me: The Journey to Finding Your Inner Coach” by Laura L. Barry is a worthwhile guide to becoming your own personal cheerleader in life. She encourages readers to be grateful and “celebrate” what we’ve learned instead of beating ourselves(something I used to do to myself with all my time and energy). “We […]


Book reviews offer two perks, free promotion for your great work and feedback on literature that might need some CPR. Finding the right reviewer online is akin to searching through a Where’s Waldo book! As both an author and book reviewer I’ve spent a lot of time searching for appropriate book reviewers and found very few. […]


I’m so EXCITED that the crowdfunding campaign I’m working on has passed the $1,000 mark. This may not seem like much but this is a BIG DEAL to me for two reasons. First of all the campaign is for The Grassroots Oasis, a new event space for progressive grassroots organizing, local music and art in […]


Over the past 2 months I’ve been working on a crowdfunding campaign and LOVING the challenge. With my experience fundraising and marketing I’m able to use so much of what I know while also learning so much more. Fundraising is an art that requires much patience, research and planning. So I was excited to hear […]


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