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I really enjoyed this blog post about taking control of your destiny by learning to be aware of when the sirens(your thoughts/desires) are tempting you with songs that drown out your truth. “It takes courage to admit a weakness. It takes throwing out the lies of your experience to see the Truth. And it takes […]


“Not In The Pink” by Tina Martel “Although I am no Snow White I am living with the seven chemo dwarves. Itchy, Weepy, Weary, Drippy, Achy, Queasy, Bitchy. They bring a friend, Wimpy.” -Tina Martel Are you looking for a book about dealing with cancer that isn’t bent toward the heroic, and cheerful? As an […]


Are you ready to heal? You must answer YES for any of my guidance to help. If you aren’t ready and willing to end your depression the following advice and resources won’t help. The hard truth is real sustainable healing starts within your own mind and body. I wasn’t ready for a long time, but there […]


“When All Balls Drop; The Upside Of Losing Everything” by Heidi Seifkas One moment Heidi was taking out the trash and the next she woke up in the hospital because a tree limb fell, crushing her body and knocking her unconscious. On top of that she discovered her husband was cheating on her. Stuck in […]


Life is going to give you all sorts of expectations. Some are great, like expecting to be respected and being happy. Others like expecting people to change for you or the idea that if only you had that one ‘important thing’ you’d be happy. If you want to heal, you must release the expectations that […]

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Life. What an adventure! I’ve been slowly changing my career focus from freelance administration to something with more creativity(and less time staring at a computer) to feed my waning lust for life. It’s been a very slow process because change is intimidating and the unknown is a bit unnerving. With a mother who liked to relocate, […]


I don’t know any women who don’t have at least one story of being harassed or disrespected as they walk on the sidewalk. Street harassment happens to little prepubescent girls as well as full-grown women, women in hijabs, women on bikes, and women of all ages, colors, religions and backgrounds. Eventually I became resigned to this […]

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 We all have gifts to give. I’m not talking about things that you can buy, but unique talents that shine through to make life better, happier, easier and more fulfilling for ourselves and others. One of my gifts is gardening. I LOVE digging in the soil, planting, pulling weeds, discovering bugs, finding beautiful rocks and […]


Life is challenging and how we react to this is what decides our happiness. We can give up or we can move forward. For many years I gave up. I barely tried and ended up wallowing in pain and depression that lasted way too long.  Luckily I woke up and realized that my life was […]


I’ll keep this rant as short as possible. I see a lot people who look as white as me having an issue with recognizing they have white privilege. It can be hard to see unless you actually go out in the world and talk to people who AREN’T white. The bottom line is we still have […]


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