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We are social animals. Because of this, feeling disconnected is an opening for depression to seep inside. Looking back I can see that connection has always been something I felt missing. Perhaps because my family moved so much I have always craved connection with others so that I could plant my roots and grow. A […]


This is a really simple move that just about anyone can maneuver. Grab the pinkie and thumb and twist them away from you! YOU MATTER! Your life is worth defending. Don’t live in fear, be aware. When I teach self-defense I always stress the importance of vital points! If you gouge the eyes they can’t see […]


Not everyone has access to pepper spray or a stun gun and even if we do, its unlikely we ALWAYS have it on us and ready to use. That’s why it’s imperative to be aware of common items that can be used for self-defense. Look around you at work, school, on your lunch break, at […]

diy therapy

Once we discover our heart song life becomes simpler, easier, happier, balanced, beautiful. For me my heartsong is not one particular thing. It’s my whole life! It’s when I pursue my goals, treat others, create friendships and self-care with intent that resonates with me. It’s when my emotions, thoughts and actions are created with harmony. […]


We can and should create ripples of compassion, kindness and peace because we all deserve these things. We each deserve to be happy, healthy and connected. We deserve to feel like our lives are important, that our unique talents and gifts matter as much as anyone elses. How can we create these ripples? By being […]

free sunset

We all have hangups, but a majority of those stem from “expectations” taught by society, not from a natural sense of survival. We are taught to be ashamed of our bodies, our desires, our unique quirks. Why do we allow this? It’s been quite a journey for me to grow and learn to recognize unnecessary […]


Gratitude is an action that opens you up to infinite  possibilities. How often do you openly practice gratitude?  I’ve found gratitude is a great way to inspire myself toward action. When I’m honestly grateful for something than I care more and that lights a fire in my heart to be protective. Here is what inspired me […]

purple domestic violence

Purple ribbons have become a symbol for domestic violence. During the 70’s feminists made great strides in raising awareness about DV(domestic violence), but unfortunately not enough. Today we can show our support for ending domestic violence by wearing a purple ribbon and raising that much-needed awareness. Why purple? It traditionally symbolizes mourning and is also the […]

You story

The following is part of the What’s Your Story series where people share experiences of personal development, overcoming obstacles and healing. When I was 16, I was put into foster care. In less than two years I was placed with four different families in three different cities, all at the whim of the state and […]


This November the Love Warrior Community has started a 30 day gratitude challenge. I LOVE this kind of challenge. In a world with so much pain, fear and anger, finding gratitude can give us the extra energy we need to be the change we want to see. “When you make a commitment to a gratitude […]


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